Won the Oscar at BNI for this poem I wrote about OsteoWellbeing!!

“O is for OMG she just cracked my back,
S is for s**t I didn’t know my body could do that!

T is for thank god i am still alive,
E is everlasting gratefulness that i managed to survive!

O is for oh no she’s getting some needles out,
W is for wait, what the hell is that all about?

E is for exhale, i didn’t feel a pinch,
L is for lengthen, i’ve grown taller by an inch!

L is for look at me I am so much freer,
B is for bloody hell this osteopath is sincere!

E is for the extensive detail that she really knows,
I is for incredible i can finally touch my toes!

N is for no doubt, i will definitely be back again,
G is for genuine, OsteoWellbeing you can 100% recommend!”

OsteoWellbeing – Hands That Heal

P.S I will be doing a post on my BNI journey next and how it has helped me grow my business!

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