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by John OHegarty on Osteowellbeing
OsteoWellbeing the best

After having gone through lots of pain, stiffness and discomfort for at least 2 years with my lower back and hip I contacted Suheyla and I am so glad I did. I no longer have sciatic pains down my legs from my lower back and hips. The pain from my lower back has also gone and the stiffness is improving every day. I have had only 3 sessions with another one scheduled for later this week. After an initial assessment Suheyla did a few gentle manipulations Suheyla has freed up my lower back. She also got me to wear insoles in my shoes which have helped keep my hips even. I am really delighted to be pain free and after trying so many other methods I am so pleased that at last I have found something that has really helped me. Thank you Suheyla.

Thank you so much for this great review! It’s been great working with you!

by Tracey Edet on Osteowellbeing
Hands That Heal!

After 10 years of uneven shoulders with shoulder, hip and back pain, I had one session at OsteoWellbeing and they were considerably better. After only 3 sessions, my shoulders were even and I have not suffered since, that’s over 2 years now! Süheyla is fantastic!

Thank you for your wonderful review!

by Maureen Lydon on Osteowellbeing

I went to see Süheyla Douce in severe pain with siatica following unsuccessful physiotherapy.

I had low expectations as the pain had been persistent for several weeks however after one session I noticed the difference and I came off all painkillers after the fourth session.

I'm very grateful and highly recommend Süheyla, I just wish I went sooner!

Thank you Maureen! We wish you would have come sooner too so you would have suffered less!

by Joel Aldridge on Osteowellbeing

I visited Suheyla due to some whiplash that I had been suffering from for several years (and subsequent headaches). She made me feel very relaxed and explained everything that she was doing to keep me calm. Within 4 sessions (+ exercises at home) she had sorted it out. Great value too!

Thank you for your wonderful review! Hope you are keeping up with your exercises and remember you are always welcome back for a review of them!

by Louise McIntosh on Osteowellbeing

Finding a good local osteopath can be quite stressful. I am fortunate to have found Suheyla and just at a time when I really needed her. She is effective, friendly and experienced. Suheyla gives advice about things to do between appointments to speed your recovery, and I can say that my neck/shoulder problem has improved massively in just two appointments. Thank you Suheyla its great to know I’m in safe hands while we continue to work on my posture.

I am already speaking highly of you to all my contacts and will be recommending you wherever I can.

Thank you for your wonderful review Louise!

by Laura Cooper on Osteowellbeing
Wonderful Osteo Wellbeing!

After years of back ache I finally decided to do something about it and to give Osteo Wellbeing a go. I am so glad I did! With a complex medical history having had breast cancer and subsequent surgery, lymph node removal, a c-section and a hysterectomy all in the past 7 years, it was clear straight away that Suheyla has very good medical knowledge and quickly identified my problem areas and the reasons behind the pain I had been having. Whilst also being very careful to take into account my medical history. After just a few appointments Suheyla had worked her magic and my back felt so much better. Suheyla is so friendly and really makes the appointments enjoyable whilst fixing my back at the same time. I would never go anywhere else and trust her wholeheartedly that she is doing the very best job on my body. I am very very grateful for what she has done for me as I feel like a new woman! I would recommend Suhelya a thousand times over.... pay her a visit! You won't regret it! Thank you Suhelya!

Thank you so much Laura for this amazing review! So glad you enjoy your appointments as much as I do! Your words mean a lot!! Thank you!

by Sebastien De Vos on Osteowellbeing

Fixed my leg after so many doctors told me there was nothing wrong with it, would definitely recommend.

Thank you for this great review Seb! Glad to have managed to help you!

by Aycan Walker on Osteowellbeing
Migraine relief

Having had a bad night's sleep with a dull ache in my head and a migraine threatening, I made an appointment to see Suheyla. She did a wonderful job of reducing the tension in my head, neck and shoulders to give me relief and preventing a full blown migraine coming on. Thank you Suheyla!

Thank you for this great review!

by Sezan on Osteowellbeing
The best!

The only place to come when I get problems with my back! Suheyla is a miracle worker! So friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Thank you for your great review Sezan!!

by Jiya khan on Osteowellbeing

I don’t think I have left any review for anyone before, but this had to be done, maybe it might help someone else. After giving birth to my second child, I suffered a slipped disc in my lower back. I was recommended to go and see a private chiropractor, so I did. In an attempt to treat my back and correct my slipped disc, the chiropractor pinched my nerve that triggered a nasty injury I came to learn called sciatica. I wouldn’t wish such an injury upon my worst enemy. I was in agony. I have had 2 kids but I’ve never experienced such pain and discomfort.

I spent the following weeks in and out of hospital as I had very limited movement and sever pain. The hospital treatment consisted of a number of drugs such as morphine, air and gas, neproxin, diazepam, coding etc. These were obviously aimed more towards pain relief and did nothing to actually cure my back. Growing tired and very disheartened by the situation I reached out to a friend for advise and I was recommended to see Suheyla.

The morning of my appointment with Suheyla I ended up in hospital again with excruciating pain. I requested for the doctor to give me any effective pain relief that would get me to the osteopath. Mercilessly they were able to help in this regard and I made my way to Siheyla.

When I arrived and the session began, I didn’t know what to expect but I was willing to try anything to relief myself of this nightmare. To my great appreciation, Suheyla worked with great care and immense skill. Stretching and massaging the pain areas gently but firmly. The whole experience initially felt somewhat underwhelming to have a significant effect on such a sever injury. However, I was mistaken. When the session was complete I stood up and finally felt relief after weeks and weeks of suffering. I cannot explain what Suheyla did and like I said before I initially thought it might be a bit too soft of a massage, but I have to say it proved to be extremely effective. Although I was still able to feel the effects of my injury, the acute pain had subsided. I felt like I could finally manage this mild discomfort and I knew then I was on the road to recovery.

Suheyla truly has helped me in a very difficult time in my life. A time when I was unable to take care of my own children one of whom was only a few months old. I am forever grateful for what she has done for me and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who has suffered such an injury.

Thank you for this amazing review Jiya!! Glad we managed to get you back to spending quality time with your children!!

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