Osteopathy for arthritis

Osteopathy can be very useful if you’re suffering with rheumatoid or osteo arthritis. While we can’t get rid of these conditions, we can help with the symptoms and slow down their progression. We help reduce pain so you can feel more comfortable and resume everyday activities that might have been hindered by arthritis.

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What symptoms might you be experiencing?

The following symptoms can be caused by arthritis:

  • Pain in joints
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness

It’s very important you have the correct diagnosis if you think you might be suffering with arthritis. Speak to a healthcare professional as soon as possible – we’ll be happy to discuss your symptoms and can refer you on if you require further tests. Once arthritis is confirmed, we work with you to manage the symptoms.

What may be causing your symptoms?

  • Inactivity
  • Weight gain
  • Cold weather – this can affect arthritis for some people
  • Exercises that have a lot of impact on the joints such as running and jumping

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How can osteopathy help you with arthritis?

Arthritis doesn’t go away but your osteopath can help you manage and reduce your symptoms. Your osteopath can be a great person in your life to motivate you and encourage you to keep going, so you can be the best possible version of yourself.

Osteopathy can:


Use soft tissue
massage and gentle mobility movements to help reduce inflammation within a joint.

Help slow down
the development of osteoarthritis by ensuring you have good posture, reducing any abnormal pressure going through a joint.

Keep you mobile
and strong without being too strenuous for your joints. Your osteopath can show you exercises to do at home.

Tips for dealing with arthritis

but don’t push yourself too far. Do some gentle exercises that do not impact the joints too much – we can recommend something suitable.

Exercises to strengthen joints can slow down the development of arthritis. Your osteopath will develop an exercise program for you.

This can help to relieve pain.

Osteopathy prices

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Case study:
solving severe ankle pain

See how we helped our patient, who struggled to walk due to arthritis.


Our patient came to the clinic suffering with pain in her ankles. She’d had scans to confirm arthritis in both ankles, which was worse on her left side. She would struggle to walk for long periods of time and would often have to use a wheelchair or zimmer frame.


As osteopaths we couldn’t get rid of our patient’s arthritis, but we could help slow the process of degeneration and help with the symptoms. This patient has regular maintenance sessions of mobilisation, massage and traction for her ankles. We also use dry needling techniques, and work on her lower back to keep her as mobile as possible.

What did our patient think?

The treatment I have received at OsteoWellbeing really helps my ankles. I feel I can walk more easily and my compensatory back pain has completely subsided. Absolutely love my sessions and would highly recommend to those suffering with arthritis!

How else can we help?

Shoulder, hip and knee pain

Do you get pain in your shoulder, hip or knee? We can help correct these issues for you.

Lower back and neck pain

We can help with back and neck pain by decreasing pressure on the spine and correcting your posture.

Slipped discs

We can help with these issues by decompressing your spine, allowing your damaged disc to retract.

Plantar fasciitis

Osteopathy can improve foot and ankle alignment so that plantar fasciitis can heal. We can also provide you with insoles to help prevent problems reoccurring.


We can help improve neck posture and release the surrounding muscles to ease those headaches.


Osteopathy can balance out sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, helping you feel more relaxed and able to get on with your day.


Osteopathy can help to release the sciatic nerve which could be causing your symptoms, giving you relief and helping with your recovery.

Tennis and golfer’s elbow

Osteopathy can help increase your range of motion and decrease the pain you’re feeling in your elbow.

Posture correction

Bad posture can cause a huge range of symptoms. Osteopaths can help to diagnose these issues and correct your posture.


Osteopaths can help diagnose what is causing damage to nerves, treating the affected area and referring you to the right specialist if needed.

Sports injuries

Osteopathy can help the body to repair sports injuries quicker and prevent them happening again, getting you back to your training.

Aches and pains during pregnancy

Osteopathy can help restore posture and offer relief from pain during pregnancy, as well as getting the body ready for labour.

Pain relief for babies

Babies can have little aches and pains just like adults. Osteopathy can help by decompressing areas that need it and releasing tight muscles.

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