Osteopathy to treat lower back and neck pain

Osteopathy can help reduce pain and increase mobility in your neck and lower back. It can also improve your posture in these areas; your osteopath will work with you to strengthen certain muscles. This alleviates current issues, and offers long-term solutions that prevent pain from returning.

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What symptoms might you be experiencing?

Lower back and neck pain can cause you to experience the following issues:

  • Struggling to turn your head when reversing the car
  • Aches and pains in your neck and/or low back when moving, or adopting certain positions
  • Headaches linked with neck pain
  • Pain when sitting or standing for long periods of time

At best, these issues can be painful or uncomfortable. At worst, they can be completely debilitating. You don’t have to put up with pain. Our trained osteopaths will find solutions that work for you in the long term.

What may be causing your pain?

  • Poor posture when lifting heavy objects
  • Poor desk setup, resulting in bad posture when sitting all day
  • Whiplash/road traffic accident
  • Inflammation of a facet joint within the spine
  • Tightness of muscles attaching to the neck and low back
  • Misalignment of the spine

It’s very important you seek the help of a professional in diagnosing the exact cause of your pain. Without a proper diagnosis, you could cause further injury. Talk to the team at OsteoWellbeing – we can offer advice and support, and book you in for a consultation so we can examine your back or neck in person.

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How can osteopathy help you with low back or neck pain?

We begin by diagnosing the cause of your symptoms. We can then develop a treatment plan that’s tailored to you, ensuring you have a good understanding of the issue, the causes and the solution.

Osteopathy can:


Reduce inflammation
and encourage blood flow to the neck and lower back. We use a combination of soft tissue massage, oscillation, dry needling, articulation techniques and icing products. This encourages faster healing, minimising pain and discomfort.

Release compression
in the spine using oscillation, decompression and traction techniques.

Increase the range
of motion within the spine using articulation techniques, muscle energy techniques, manipulations and stretching techniques.

Strengthen and protect
the lower back and the neck. You’ll be given a tailored exercise program that will help to prevent further issues within the spine itself.

Tips for dealing with pain in the neck or lower back

This is essential – it prevents further damage and allows you to start healing.

and try to keep the head and shoulders back. This can help relieve pain until you’re able to see a professional.

from sitting at a desk, lifting heavy objects or carrying out repetitive movements.

Osteopathy prices

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Case study:
solving back pain following a road traffic accident

See how we found a solution for our patient, who’d been suffering years of back pain.


Our patient had been suffering with back pain after being involved in a road traffic accident many years before. She came to the clinic looking for help – she was a little nervous, as she’d previously had serious surgery, and treatment for breast cancer.


We carried out a range of gentle treatments and gave our patient some exercises to do at home. She felt a lot better after just a few appointments, and we helped put her mind at ease. Now, with the occasional maintenance treatment, she no longer suffers with back pain or headaches

What did our patient think?

After years of back ache, I finally decided to do something about it and to give OsteoWellbeing a go. I am so glad I did! With a complex medical history having had breast cancer and subsequent surgery, lymph node removal, a C-section and a hysterectomy all in the past seven years, it was clear straight away that Süheyla has very good medical knowledge. She quickly identified my problem areas and the reasons behind the pain I had been having, whilst also being very careful to take into account my medical history. After just a few appointments Süheyla had worked her magic and my back felt so much better. Süheyla is so friendly and really makes the appointments enjoyable whilst fixing my back at the same time. I would never go anywhere else and trust wholeheartedly that she is doing the very best job on my body. I am very, very grateful for what she has done for me as I feel like a new woman! I would recommend Süheyla a thousand times over…. pay her a visit! You won’t regret it! Thank you Süheyla!

How else can we help?

Shoulder, hip and knee pain

Do you get pain in your shoulder, hip or knee? We can help correct these issues for you.

Slipped discs

We can help with these issues by decompressing your spine, allowing your damaged disc to retract.

Plantar fasciitis

Osteopathy can improve foot and ankle alignment so that plantar fasciitis can heal. We can also provide you with insoles to help prevent problems reoccurring.


We can help improve neck posture and release the surrounding muscles to ease those headaches.


Osteopathy can balance out sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, helping you feel more relaxed and able to get on with your day.


Osteopathy can help to release the sciatic nerve which could be causing your symptoms, giving you relief and helping with your recovery.

Tennis and golfer’s elbow

Osteopathy can help increase your range of motion and decrease the pain you’re feeling in your elbow.

Posture correction

Bad posture can cause a huge range of symptoms. Osteopaths can help to diagnose these issues and correct your posture.


Osteopaths can help diagnose what is causing damage to nerves, treating the affected area and referring you to the right specialist if needed.


Osteopathy can help slow down the process of degeneration that leads to arthritis.

Sports injuries

Osteopathy can help the body to repair sports injuries quicker and prevent them happening again, getting you back to your training.

Aches and pains during pregnancy

Osteopathy can help restore posture and offer relief from pain during pregnancy, as well as getting the body ready for labour.

Pain relief for babies

Babies can have little aches and pains just like adults. Osteopathy can help by decompressing areas that need it and releasing tight muscles.

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