Osteopathy to treat shoulder, hip and knee pain

Osteopathy can help relieve issues within the shoulder, hip and knee joints, increasing blood flow and encouraging your body to repair itself. We can check muscles and joints, working to identify the cause of your pain and using our expertise to design the right treatment plan for you.

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What symptoms might you be experiencing?

Shoulder, hip and knee pain can cause you to experience the following issues:

  • Pain going up and down stairs
  • Pain when raising your arm above your head
  • Difficulty showering or washing your hair
  • Knees giving way when walking

This can become increasingly debilitating – we completely understand the difficulty of living with chronic pain and a lack of mobility. You don’t have to put up with pain. We can provide relief and help you on the road to recovery.  

What may be causing your pain?

  • Inflammation of a tendon (tendonitis)
  • Compression of the meniscus (protective pads in your knees)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Tears within the soft tissue surrounding the joint
  • Joint misalignment

It’s important you see a professional to diagnose the cause of your pain – you could be aggravating your injury if you don’t. Talk to the team and we’ll carry out an in-depth consultation to get to the bottom of your shoulder, hip or knee pain.

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How can osteopathy help you with shoulder, hip or knee pain?

Osteopaths will help by properly diagnosing the cause of your symptoms. We then develop treatment tailored to you, explaining everything in a way that’s simple to understand.

Osteopathy can:


Reduce inflammation
and encourage blood flow to the joint using soft tissue massage, drainage techniques, articulation techniques and icing products. This speeds up the healing process so you can get back to your normal day-to-day lifestyle as soon as possible.

Create more room
and increase range of motion in a joint that is compressed. We can use decompression and traction techniques, articulation and manipulation techniques and balanced ligamentous tension (BLT) techniques. This helps release any ligaments that could be causing pain or reducing the joint’s range of motion.

Strengthen the joint.
We can give you strengthening exercises that will help repair injured soft tissue structures surrounding a joint. This prevents further issues within the joint itself.

Tips for dealing with joint pain in the knee, hip or shoulder

This is essential to ensure you don’t cause further damage.

Move it very gently – we can give you tailored exercises once we’ve seen you.

This can help relieve pain until you can get professional advice.

Osteopathy prices

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Case study:
solving year-long knee pain

Find out how we helped our patient combat severe knee pain once and for all.


Our patient, a carer working in the NHS, came to see us after suffering knee pain for around a year. He had a passion for long-distance motorcycling, but found he was able to do this less and less as it worsened his knee pain. After a long ride, he would be in so much pain he wouldn’t be able to walk.


After just a few sessions, the patient’s knee pain had improved greatly and he only ever felt it very slightly after a long motorbike ride. Now, he no longer feels any knee pain and can enjoy his passion once again! He visits us every three to four months for maintenance treatment, and does exercises we’ve given him to prevent any further knee issues.

What did our patient think?

Treated my knee/leg pain very effectively. A year-long problem has effectively been resolved after three to four sessions and I now know what I can do to help prevent it from coming back. Professional and friendly service. Thank you!

How else can we help?

Lower back and neck pain

We can help with back and neck pain by decreasing pressure on the spine and correcting your posture.

Slipped discs

We can help with these issues by decompressing your spine, allowing your damaged disc to retract.

Plantar fasciitis

Osteopathy can improve foot and ankle alignment so that plantar fasciitis can heal. We can also provide you with insoles to help prevent problems reoccurring.


We can help improve neck posture and release the surrounding muscles to ease those headaches.


Osteopathy can balance out sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, helping you feel more relaxed and able to get on with your day.


Osteopathy can help to release the sciatic nerve which could be causing your symptoms, giving you relief and helping with your recovery.

Tennis and golfer’s elbow

Osteopathy can help increase your range of motion and decrease the pain you’re feeling in your elbow.

Posture correction

Bad posture can cause a huge range of symptoms. Osteopaths can help to diagnose these issues and correct your posture.


Osteopaths can help diagnose what is causing damage to nerves, treating the affected area and referring you to the right specialist if needed.


Osteopathy can help slow down the process of degeneration that leads to arthritis.

Sports injuries

Osteopathy can help the body to repair sports injuries quicker and prevent them happening again, getting you back to your training.

Aches and pains during pregnancy

Osteopathy can help restore posture and offer relief from pain during pregnancy, as well as getting the body ready for labour.

Pain relief for babies

Babies can have little aches and pains just like adults. Osteopathy can help by decompressing areas that need it and releasing tight muscles.

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