Osteopathy for babies

Babies can go through a lot of compression during the birthing process. They are also in a small space for a long period of time, and so may get a few tight areas from their positioning in the womb. Osteopathy can help with symptoms that result from these pressures, making your baby more comfortable.

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What symptoms might you be noticing in your baby?

You may notice the following symptoms in your baby:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty burping and winding
  • Looking one way more than the other
  • Going red and scrunching their legs up when screaming, sometimes specifically after a feed

Osteopathy can help solve these issues and make your baby more comfortable. We are calm and gentle when treating them – many of our younger patients really enjoy the experience!

What may be causing your baby’s issues?

  • Compression throughout the cranial bones
  • Tightness in muscles along the spine or around the shoulder
  • Irritation or strain within the diaphragm
  • Torsion throughout the cranio-sacral base

It’s always worrying for parents if babies seem unhappy, especially if they’re young and can’t tell you what’s wrong. Talking to a professional can help ease your mind and you’ll often notice a difference in your child’s behaviour straight away.

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How can osteopathy help your baby?

Osteopathy can:

  • Release any strains or torsions throughout your baby’s body, for example, within the cranio-sacral base and diaphragm.
  • Release any compression throughout your baby’s cranial bones that could have been caused during the labour process.
  • Release any tight muscles that could be causing constipation or making it difficult for your baby to look one way.

Some of our osteopaths can also teach you a baby massage routine to do at home daily. This will help soothe your baby, not only physically, but mentally too. It’s a great way of connecting with your little one and giving them your full attention.

Tips for helping your baby

Encourage babies to look both ways by changing the way they face when sleeping, so they have to look to both sides to see mum and/or dad. You can also do this with toys during the day. Tummy time can help to strengthen neck muscles – however, it’s good to loosen off any tight muscles first with the help of a trained osteopath.

Gentle massage can help your baby feel comforted, calm, secure and relaxed. It’s a lovely addition to bedtime routines, helping with tummy pain and bowel movements. Your osteopath can teach you this during your session.

Ensure baby has burped after each feed to ease reflux symptoms and tummy pain. Sometimes winding halfway through a feed can help – osteopathic treatment can be useful if your baby is still struggling.

Case study:
helping an uncomfortable four-week-old baby

Find out how we helped baby feel more comfortable so both her and mum could rest.


A four-week-old baby was brought to the clinic by her mum who said her little one had trouble winding. This meant she was uncomfortable, particularly between 3am and 5am. They had recently switched formula, which had helped the patient, however she still struggled to pass wind and on occasion would scream to the point she was bright red in the face. The mum had also noticed that her little one preferred looking to the left and rarely looked to the right.


After some gentle examination we found that our patient’s diaphragm was a little tight, and her neck was also tight on the left. This is very common in babies, as they go through a lot of compression during the birthing process and in the womb. Using some cranial osteopathy techniques and very gentle massage, we helped release the tension in the diaphragm and neck. We also showed mum how to do some gentle massage on the shoulders so she could continue to help baby at home. Mum reported that baby was a little unsettled for a couple of days, but after that she was sleeping fully throughout the night and was moving her head more easily. This little one only needed two treatments and was doing much better.

What did our patient’s mum think?

I booked in for my four-week-old daughter to see Süheyla as she was suffering with trapped wind. Süheyla was totally welcoming and I immediately felt my daughter was in safe hands. Süheyla took a full pregnancy and birth history first before then “examining” my baby girl. We discovered that she was a bit tight in her diaphragm, so Süheyla worked on that and my daughter was absolutely still, you could tell she loved it!! She was also a bit tight on one side of her neck (resulting in her favouring to look to the left) and so some massage was done to relieve this. Süheyla talked to me throughout to let me know what she was doing and what she found. I booked a follow up appointment where Süheyla re-examined my daughter and did some more massage and other techniques to alleviate the issues. It definitely worked for my daughter and very soon after she didn’t struggle with her wind (such a relief!!) I would recommend every new mother and baby to visit an osteopath if they’re able to and I would 100% recommend Süheyla. I felt comfortable, relaxed and fully involved.

How else can we help?

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