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My name is Süheyla and I am a qualified osteopath with a masters degree in Osteopathy. I am qualified to treat patients of all ages from newborns to the elderly. I am particularly passionate about helping babies and children. My own back troubles started around the age of 12, and I’ve had headaches since the age of 9, so I used to visit an osteopath, and that’s when I fell in love with the idea of helping people out of pain.  

I was born in South East London but moved to Dromore, Belfast in August 2023. My husband and I visited family we have in Ballynahinch and couldn’t believe how much more relaxed the lifestyle was here and how friendly absolutely everyone was. We decided that we’d much rather bring up our children over here where the education is great, life is more relaxed and we could get much more value for our money too! We have loved every minute and do not regret our decision for a second.  

How can osteopathy help you?

Osteopathy can help many different ailments. It can help babies suffering from colic like symptoms, such as, tummy pain, trouble winding, constipation, general discomfort or sleeping difficulties. It can also help children suffering with sleeping issues, poor posture, injuries and general discomfort. I am a great believer that we should educate our young ones on the importance of posture from now, rather than wait until they are teenagers or young adults with poor posture that needs fixing. As a generation we are on our phones or iPads a lot more and constantly looking down, even students studying are also looking down all the time which can result in poor posture, neck and back pain. I love to go into schools and do a fun yet information workshop for young children about posture and the importance of looking after our bodies, we only get one!

Cranial osteopathy and osteopathy for kids

When working with babies and young children, we always use gentle techniques. With babies we use a technique called cranial Osteopathy. It’s so gentle that from the outside, you can’t really see anything happening, but we are using very gentle techniques to work on the membranes and tissues throughout the body. With children, our techniques vary depending on their age and the complaint they come in with but again, we are very gentle and constantly check in and reassure your child throughout the treatment. We mostly use massage, stretching and muscle energy techniques as well as offer advice for exercises to do at home to continue the benefits of treatment on. We also ensure parents fully understand what we think is going on and what treatment we propose to do; we gain verbal consent before doing any treatment. I always make sure I make the environment as warm and kid-friendly as possible; at university, my tutors used to say that my appointments always looked like I was having a little tea party with the babies and kids! 

Where in Belfast is my osteopathic clinic?

The clinic is located at the end of the cul de sac of Drumlin View, which is just off Ballymacormick Road. We are a 3 minute drive just off the A1 so easy to access to those living in Dromore and also surrounding areas. We are the house right at the bottom of the cul de sac. Parking is available on the driveway directly outside the clinic room. The clinic is on the ground floor and therefore is buggy and wheelchair friendly. 

Hours: Thursdays 9:30am-1:30pm, Saturdays 10am-6pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings 7-9pm 

Our address is:

15 Drumlin View
Belfast. County Down
BT25 1TS

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