to treat a slipped disc

Osteopathy can help to decompress the area around a slipped disc, allowing it to retract and reducing the level of pain and inflammation. Your osteopath will work to improve the health of the disc itself, to try and prevent further injury. It is also important to strengthen the area around the disc to prevent further slipping; your osteopath will create a tailored treatment plan to help you with this.

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What symptoms might you be experiencing?

A slipped disc can cause you to experience the following issues:

  • Pain in the arms and legs as well as around the location of the slipped disc
  • Numbness/tingling into the hands or feet
  • Pain in your spine when coughing or sneezing
  • A feeling of weakness in your arms or legs
  • Stiffness and pain in the morning that then eases slightly once you are up and moving around

A slipped disc needs to be treated by an experienced professional. You will need to get a proper diagnosis as soon as possible so that a tailored treatment plan can be developed for you.

What might have caused your slipped disc?

  • Wear and tear of the disc
  • A lot of heavy lifting without using the correct posture
  • A physical impact injury e.g. a road traffic accident
  • An imbalance within the pelvis and/or leg lengths
  • Being heavily overweight (especially if there is a history of weak disc in the family)

A slipped disc can occur for a variety of reasons. We will help to fix the issue, as well as discussing the cause so you can avoid further injuries in future.

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How can osteopathy help with a slipped disc?

We work with you to check that a slipped disc is what’s causing your issue, before developing a tailored treatment plan to help your back heal and to address your pain.

Osteopathy can:


Reduce inflammation
and encourage blood flow to the location of the slipped disc, using soft tissue massage, articulation techniques, dry needling on surrounding muscles and icing products. This speeds up the healing process, so you can get back to your normal day-to-day life.

Create more room
and improve the range of motion within the spine, using decompression and traction techniques, articulation, and very gentle manipulation techniques. It is important not to use too much force during manipulation, as the disc could slip further. These techniques give the disc more space, allowing it to retract so it doesn’t hit the nerve root anymore, helping to alleviate the pain/numbness/tingling in your legs or arms.

Strengthen your back
to help protect the disc and avoid it slipping again. It is also important to strengthen the areas above and below the current slipped disc, as they are weaker and the discs are more prone to slipping. Your osteopath will give you a tailored exercise plan to help with this.

Tips for dealing with a slipped disc

This is so important with any kind of back injury – you don’t want to cause further damage.

where you’re feeling pain in your back for ten minutes each hour. This will help to temporarily reduce inflammation.

This might feel counterintuitive if you’re in pain, but staying still will increase inflammation and can make the pain and the problem worse.

is in your lower back, try some gentle knee hugs to stretch the area out.

forward and twisting at the same time, as our discs don’t like too much rotation!

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Case study:
solving a slipped disc accompanied by severe sciatic pain

Find out how we helped our patient resolve her sciatic pain stemming from a slipped disc.


Our patient suffered a slipped disc after the birth of her second child. She had a lot of back pain, and originally undertook treatment elsewhere. However, this made her problem worse; by the time she came to OsteoWellbeing she had sciatic pain going down into her leg. She had even ended up in hospital, but had been given painkillers which didn’t help. The patient was very upset, and nervous due to her previous experience. She was struggling to feed her new-born baby and play with her eldest child, so felt like she was failing them as a mother.


We used techniques to provide immediate relief for our patient, as well as making sure her slipped disc would heal in the long term. After just a couple of sessions at OsteoWellbeing, she had a lot less pain and was back to being the mum she wanted to be for her children!

What did our patient think?

I don’t think I have left any review for anyone before, but this had to be done, maybe it might help someone else. After giving birth to my second child, I suffered a slipped disc in my lower back. I was recommended to go and see a private chiropractor, so I did. In an attempt to treat my back and correct my slipped disc, the chiropractor pinched my nerve that triggered a nasty injury I came to learn was called sciatica. I wouldn’t wish such an injury upon my worst enemy. I was in agony. I have had two kids but I’ve never experienced such pain and discomfort.

I spent the following weeks in and out of hospital as I had very limited movement and severe pain. The hospital treatment consisted of a number of drugs such as morphine, air and gas, naproxen, diazepam, codeine etc. These were obviously aimed more towards pain relief and did nothing to actually cure my back. Growing tired and very disheartened by the situation I reached out to a friend for advice and I was recommended to see Süheyla.

The morning of my appointment with Süheyla I ended up in hospital again with excruciating pain. I requested for the doctor to give me any effective pain relief that would get me to the osteopath. Mercifully they were able to help in this regard and I made my way to Süheyla.

When I arrived and the session began, I didn’t know what to expect but I was willing to try anything to relieve myself of this nightmare. To my great appreciation, Süheyla worked with great care and immense skill. Stretching and massaging the pain areas gently but firmly. The whole experience initially felt somewhat underwhelming to have a significant effect on such a severe injury. However, I was mistaken. When the session was complete, I stood up and finally felt relief after weeks and weeks of suffering. I cannot explain what Süheyla did and like I said before I initially thought it might be a bit too soft of a massage, but I have to say it proved to be extremely effective. Although I was still able to feel the effects of my injury, the acute pain had subsided. I felt like I could finally manage this mild discomfort and I knew then I was on the road to recovery.

Süheyla truly has helped me in a very difficult time in my life. A time when I was unable to take care of my own children one of whom was only a few months old. I am forever grateful for what she has done for me and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who has suffered such an injury.

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